School Tours at The Dudley Farm

Not sure where to bring your students for their next field trip? Come to The Dudley Farm Museum, have fun, and learn what life was like during the late 19th century.

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Children participate in a hunt for items located on the Farm grounds, while other “hands-on” activities may include beating rugs, feeding chickens, washing clothes, moving hay and scrutinizing original and replica artifacts in the barns and house.…

New Exhibit in the Granary opens October 22, Harvest Day 

This project was made possible though Museum Makeover, a program of Conservation ConneCTion and the Connecticut League of History Organizations with a grant from the CT Cultural Fund, administered by CT Humanities. Learn how the “food pantry for the animals” stored the food needed for all the Dudley Farm animals.…

The Big Barn Project (BBP)

This imposing structure is the focal point for those who come to visit The Dudley Farm Museum, tour its grounds, and view its exhibits. The grounds, and especially this barn, are favorite subjects for artists and photographers. Impressively visible at the junction of State Routes 77 and 80, it reminds locals of Guilford’s agricultural heritage and the significance of agriculture in the establishment of North Guilford as an agrarian part of the greater Guilford community.…

Oct to Dec 2022 Museum Events

We look forward to seeing you “down on the Farm.”

Upcoming Events at The Dudley Farm

The Dudley Farm Museum continues to plan events of interest to our members. 

Book: Voices from North Guilford

A dedicated group from The Dudley Foundation worked on a collection of photographs, stories and historical accounts of life in North Guilford, Connecticut from 1850 to 1960.

Do you have your copy yet? Are you new to the area? Or have a friend who lives here?…

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Seeking Help From Our Loyal Dudley Foundation Membership 

If you have financial Investment knowledge and can volunteer a few hours per month to help guide The Dudley Farm Museum in the creation of a long-term investment portfolio, please contact Ray Guimont, Chairman, Investment Committee, The Dudley Foundation, at 203-530-9625 or Email