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The Dudley Farm Flower Garden

Flower garden with peonies and irises
Photo by Barbara Hanson.


North and east of the farmhouse are remnants of an earlier and larger flower garden probably dating back to the late nineteenth century. Evidence suggests that this was Martha Munger Dudley’s garden. In his 1919 will, her husband, Erastus Dudley, gave Martha life use of this garden.

The flower garden south of the farmhouse was designed and planted in 1997. Early photographs of the farm show flowers in front of the house and ornamental vines growing up the porch columns providing shade and color in the summer.

Today, this garden has been planted with antique varieties of roses and flowers, including peonies, Dutch iris and daffodils. It is maintained by volunteers known as “The Country Planters.” This group has also raised money for seeds and plants as well as planting and caring for flowers in other areas around the farm.

Jerri Guadagno, one of the original “planters” can be found throughout the summer working in the gardens. She is willing to share her expertise with any volunteers willing to lend a hand. Jerri can be contacted through the farm office, at 203–457–0770.

Pen and Ink Illustration by Doug Williamson.

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