Spoon Carving Workshops At The Dudley Farm

Steve Rowe, a master carver from Saybrook, will be leading two- one day workshops for those interested in learning this skill.

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Steve talks about the joy of carving, saying: “Seeing a chunk of firewood being sculpted into an eating utensil can be fairly interesting to a wide variety of interests. The art. The Zen of it…personally find it meditative to carve. Beautiful wood shavings. And often a cool finished object.” These sessions are limited to 6 people each. Steve will provide tools to use for the day as well as expert guidance on how to chose the wood (perhaps a fallen limb from a recent storm?) and how not to need too many band aids.  Program is offered February 8 and February 22, 2020, starting at 10AM, with more sessions planned as needed. The cost is $150 per person. Please email director@dudleyfarm.com of your interest. A check sent to Dudley Foundation fro $50 will reserve your space

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