A visit to The Dudley Farm Museum is a step back in time, a rural retreat from the past, preserved for the future.

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The Dudley Farm Museum has an excellent collection of artifacts representing the area’s indigenous people including stone tools and arrowheads. This area of Connecticut was first populated between 10,000 and 7,000 B.C. and the Quinnipiacs were estimated to number between 250 and 460 individuals at the time of contact with Europeans. Anyone who has ever ploughed a field in the area has found evidence of their living on this land.

Gordon Brainerd/Fox Running donated and curates this extensive collection of Native items. An accomplished public historian, speaker and Native cultural consultant, Fox-Running has provided decades of service to many educational institutions.

The Dawnland Native American Exhibit is in the Munger Barn at Dudley Farm Museum and is available for viewing by appointment only.